Crab Habanero

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"Crab Habanero" is the perfect blend of Maryland crab seasoning and spicy habanero hot sauce. 

This flavor was designed and inspired by my Sister, Brother and Mom on weekend trip to Ocean City, Maryland. While out at a restaurant, they tasted a sauce made with similar ingredients that was on the table. At the time you could purchase this hot sauce, but unfortunately the restaurant has since closed which left us with no choice but to deconstruct the sauce and make our own. 

My Mother was successful in picking out all the ingredients in the sauce and made her version which was better than what they experienced at the restaurant. At home we called it many names from "Crab Habanero", "Crabby Habanero" and "Crab Hab-Anita" but whatever you call it, you now have the chance to experience the same great taste in Jerky form.